About Us:

From Short Films, to Live Sketches, to Stand Up, to Screenplays. We are the complete comedy experience wrapped up in one tight little package.

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Formed in the cold winter of '54 when food was scarce and all we had was our laughter, Paul Malewitz, Matthew Roop-Kharasch, and Will Weissbaum survived by coming together to write things of a comedic nature. They may have lost some toes, but they always kept their smiles.

Mission Statement:

You have two hours to save the natives from the army of the Black Hand. If you succeed, it's onto the lava level, or maybe it was the ice level. Whatever it is remember to collect a lot a blue gems.



Matthew Roop-Kharasch began growing his Mustache in 1997. Since that time, the mustache had gone through many iterations before settling into the perfect form you see before you today. Initially it was thought that the mustache should be fuller, with slightly longer downward curves at the ends, but test audiences responded more to the tightly manicured look. This more abbreviated mustache was such a success, that from 1998-2002 the mustache suffered from rampent shortening and came dangerously close to being "Hitler-eske." The mustache is never dyed, though it is conditioned daily, and is capable of turning invisible.


Paul Malewitz is a graduate from the University of Michigan where he served as head writer of the University's sketch comedy troupe and editor of The Every Three Weekly, the school's satire publication. Paul was a winner of United Talent Agency's Screenwriting scholarship and was one of Hollywood's finalists for Comedy Central's Laugh Riots Competition.    Paul has appeared on VH1, MTV and currently writes for Premiere Radio Networks. He regularly performs stand up all over Los Angeles.


William Weissbaum is a man in every sense of the word. With his University of Michigan degree in hand, he came to the Los Angeles area with the dream of one day being powerful enough to not have to care about other people. Sadly, he still has to care on a daily basis. Currently he writes dialogue for Video Games, and as such, spends hours debating which character should say "Get over here" and which one should say "You're no match for me." Women be warned that nothing will ever match his deep love for FunBox.