Can you believe what you can find on the internet? The answer is yes!
Check out some examples below of things you can find... on the internet!


LATEST: The Kronomatic.

Ticket to the Future.

Take them to the Doctor?

Chav Fighting?

Heaving Bossoms.

Cool Pool.

Nice Crutch.

Lemonade Stand!


Can you see me now?

Dinosaur Box evolved.

Dinosaur Box.

Innovators of Visual Worship.

Fake Cocks.

Boldy gone.

Say it with Eggs.

Dinosaur poop for sale.

Skip it.

Time Cube!

Johnny Edwards.


Guzzle for God

Hog Rings!

Nipple Hiding Hat

Go Poop!

Wood in a box.

Wade into the New Year.

So this is what freedom is.


The food is strong with this one.

It's in her eyes.

Fun Box to go!

3 rats please.

Fish School.

No Thanks. I'm Stuffed.

Potato Salad Please.

Frozen Popcorn!

Who's the Boss?

Now it's a party?

Plop Plop.

The Market is Booming.

A barrel of Emu Fat.

I think I'll just watch.

Suck it up.

Looking for Love in all the wrong places.

Moon Time!

Head to Head.

Thimble for your thoughts.

Get on the Bus

No Sweat.

Big Bones.

Here Doggy.

Piss to Pass.

A real comedy site.

Wipe Out!


That's my potato!

Human Slinky.


Meat hats.

Now we need a Pitcher.

Getting High.

Knock Mate!

Crystal Hear.

Crystal Clear.

Women Peeing is big business.

You said he ran away!

Hot off the Grill.

I needed this in High School.

So Soothing.

Rat Hammock.

Cute and Terrifying.

Hold very still.

It's for hunting.

Clammy Sosa

Varsity Rules

Enchanted Mystery.

Safety First.

I want to cut them.

This ones for you Bob Barker (little bit graphic)

You don't have to go right now.

Oh Dear.

It's like pooping in a stream.

Hungry Super Time Now!

It's nice to know for sure

For the beach loving hunter...

So That's How They Do It!

They have to Learn Sometime...

Such a Tiny Ass

Warm and Fuzzy

Explosive Flavor!


Shot Through the Heart